Looking for a New ‘Do? Try One of These Trending Styles!

2017-11-03T12:59:01+00:00November 3rd, 2017|Care Products, Confidence, Grooming, Haircuts|

Finding a new hairstyle is like looking for a new identity. The search is difficult, and it can be long and frustrating. After all, you want to make sure that your style is versatile, easily maintained and, above all else, cool. Thankfully, Boardroom Salon for Men stylists are here to lead you on the path to discovery.

 Here are five Trending Haircuts for Men as we head into the cooler months:

  1. Low fades

Bringing that fade down a bit will help insulate you as it cools down outside. It’ll also give you more freedom when it comes to your style: long fringe, uneven cuts and curls all pair well with this look!

  1. Mohawks

They’re back! But they’re different. Rather than busting out the hairspray and spiking up their ‘hawks, most guys are opting for a little pomade and slicking them back. Don’t worry; you’ll still look tough — you’ll just be more refined. If you really want to go crazy, add some color!

  1. Loose pompadours

In the summer, we went crazy for pompadours. Everywhere you looked, there was a hard part, right? It’s understandable, as pompadours flatter just about any face and hairline. But for the winter, feel free to soften up that part a bit. With just a small amount of styling cream, you can still pile your hair high but keep it care-free.

  1. Medium sides, medium tops

Let it grow! But make sure you keep it styled. Let your hair do its own thing with a little help from styling cream to pull off a professional but relaxed vibe. Just make sure you don’t let your mop get out of control — accidental mullets are a thing. Occasional trims and leave-in conditioners are a must.

  1. Messy hair with clean fades

Winter is a time for hearty food, plenty of vacation and letting loose. Feel free to reflect the season in your style! Get a crisp fade, but slack off a bit when it comes to your morning routine — bed head has never looked better.