Client Testimonials

I’ve been a client of The Boardroom for a little over a year now & the place is great. Classy environment & great staff.
Matt S.

I’ve been going to The Boardroom for a couple years now and the one thing I can count on is their consistency. The service is great, the staff friendly, and I can visit any of the locations and expect the same.
Chris B.

The front desk staff is welcoming, always offers a beverage upon my arrival and very friendly. I would recommend the salon and any stylist to anyone. Never disappointed.
Jim P.

My boyfriend has never looked more handsome than after getting a cut from this place! Ladies, if you want your man to look absolutely handsome and perfectly styled, send them in to The Boardroom!
Val S.

All-in-all, the best haircut experience I’ve had.
Roy J.

They offer free drinks while you’re there, discounted membership options, and solid hair care products. The “Benchmark” is an amazing service and the hand massage is very relaxing after a long day.
Joe E.

Friendly staff, unique atmosphere, and overall classy experience makes this my new choice for haircuts.
Andy S.

The Boardroom by far is the best spot in DFW to get a haircut, shave, massage, or manicure/pedicure!
Corey S.

From the first time I walked through the door, The Boardroom has consistently delivered World-Class Service. Always greeted with a smile and an offer of a drink, every experience starts well and only gets better.
Jon B.

The variety of services offered and the high attention to detail that the stylists offer is fantastic. The Benchmark at the Boardroom Salon sets the bar high for all others.
Robert E.

Just finished up with my haircut at Boardroom Salon for Men and simply put it was amazing.
Frank K.

I’ve been going here for about 1.5 years now. Here’s why: The Boardroom is basically a little oasis from the grind of the working world. If you’re looking for a good haircut with a relaxing experience I recommend checking this place out.
Eliot W.

I bounced from cheap haircut to cheap haircut, but was never satisfied until I found a home for my hair at The Boardroom.
Jason L.

My fiancé really enjoyed his gift certificate here. I would highly recommend pampering your man with one of their amazing services. He was truly amazed by the quality of the treatment, the professionalism of the staff.
Kristen D.

I look forward to getting the Benchmark with scalp, face, neck, and hand/arm massage. So much so that I recently bought a membership so I can come in for it more often.
Michael R.

Great hair cut! Great atmosphere with people who genuinely love what they do and are good at it.
Tim S.

The staff is really nice and outgoing. Complimentary beverages when you go in make it very relaxing. The ladies have their spa days; we deserve the same.
Gregory B.

Excellent service, excellent haircut.
Rick F.

I sprang for the annual Benchmark membership, and now go every single week. It’s one part of my weekly routine that I look forward to. For probably the first time in my life, my hair never gets raggedy and misshapen between haircuts.
David C.

This is the ultimate for men…complimentary beer when you arrive, friendly female staff. They have a full menu of services and even a pool table in the middle of the room.
Robert C.