Boardroom Salon for Men: Men’s Hairstyles for the Holidays

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Holiday Hairstyles for men range from the fun to the fancy, and we have compiled some of the most popular picks.

No shave November has come and gone, which means two things: Participants are ready to get cleaned up, and have plenty of hair to style!

Natural Pompadours With Low Drop Fades

Winter is a time for layers, so it’s okay to let your hair get a bit longer and show off some of your natural curls. This look is balanced well with a full but shaped beard. And if you haven’t noticed, full beards are great for holding miniature ornaments!

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

All-over layering is a classic look, and it will pair well whether you are in pajamas on Christmas morning or slicing a turkey in a suit and tie! This style is particularly nice for men with salt-and-pepper hair. Just take a little pomade and let the strands fall where they may.

Shape Up

Many people wait until after the holidays to shape up, this haircut is great for ringing in the new year! It keeps the top of your head cozy and warm and leaves just enough room around the sides to wear wrap-around ear muffs without crimping your style. Add a hard part for extra class at midnight!

Medium-length Hair With a Loose Side Part

Make it look effortless! Get this classic cut, then shake it up with a bit of styling mousse. If you loosely part it on the side, some strands may fall the other direction or go straight backward. That’s okay—the mousse will keep you looking put together, but you won’t appear to have spent hours in the mirror perfecting your image. And you won’t! Roll out of bed—your routine will only take about two minutes.

Are you looking for a new ‘do for the holidays? Stop into Boardroom Salon for Men, grab a drink, and speak to a professional stylist about the look you want! Head into the new year as a new you. It’s the best gift you can give to yourself.