Relax Like A Pro at Boardroom Salon

At Boardroom Salon, we’re about more than just great haircuts for men  — we’re a full-service male grooming salon. And that means we offer top-notch Boardroom Executive Spa Treatments, including massages and facials. Times have changed. Women no longer have the market cornered on pampering. As a successful man, you know that when you feel good, you look good. And when you look good, your confidence soars, allowing you to make a strong first impression, [...]

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It can often be tough to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life. Ladies, Boardroom Salon is here to help you find the perfect gifts for men – we’ve rounded up some unique gift ideas he is sure to love. Fellas, upgrade your grooming game and knock her off her feet by looking great and feeling confident with our Traditional Package or grooming products. [...]

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Boardroom Salon for Men: Men’s Hairstyles for the Holidays

Holiday Hairstyles for men range from the fun to the fancy, and we have compiled some of the most popular picks. No shave November has come and gone, which means two things: Participants are ready to get cleaned up, and have plenty of hair to style! Natural Pompadours With Low Drop Fades Winter is a time for layers, so it's okay to let your hair get a bit longer and show off some of your [...]

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What kind of membership services does Boardroom offer? We’re Glad You Asked!

  So, you have heard of Boardroom Salon for Men. Maybe you have even peeked in the door or stopped in for a quick cut. Awesome! But you are interested in membership and don't quite know what is included: Haircuts for men. Beard trim options. Spa packages. We have it all! Here is everything you need to know: What Is the Membership Like? Boardroom club memberships allow men who are on the go to stop into any [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you’re anything like us, you want to give the perfect gift (even if it's to yourself), which can often be difficult to find. Boardroom Salon is here to help  – we’ve rounded up some unique gift ideas he is sure to love. You owe him; give him something he will really enjoy.   Instant gift certificates are available online! Complimentary Service with Purchase of $100 Gift Card - He deserves pampering, too. Treat [...]

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Founders of Boardroom Salon for Men Launch Brighton Barber Institute

  Brighton Barber Institute (BBI), a premier barber education program in North Texas, opened its doors on July 10 to welcome its inaugural class. The new facility is centrally located in Hurst near DFW International Airport at 133 W. Harwood Road. Created by the founders of Boardroom Salon for Men, BBI will provide continuing education and training for licensed cosmetologists seeking further licensure in the field of barbering. Students will learn from a team of [...]

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How Long Should You Keep Your Grooming Products

How Long You Should Keep Your Grooming Products The hair gel you’ve somehow managed to bounce from medicine cabinet to medicine cabinet since college; the sunscreen with the faded label that you found in an old suitcase after your last vacation; that costly eye cream might seem to last forever, but will it still fight wrinkles if you bought it two years ago? Think twice before using grooming products like these as they are likely [...]

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Club Membership Benefits | Boardroom Salon for Men

Male grooming (utilize applicable keywords from site) doesn't have to be frustrating, expensive and difficult. Many smart men have decided to become Boardroom Salon members to keep their hair and beards looking fierce despite their busy schedules. They know that when they stop in to our mens hair salon, our team will take care of them. So, don't spend time researching new salons or barbers, making sure you have cash on hand or stressing about a salon [...]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day at Boardroom Salon for Men Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you’re anything like us, you want to give the perfect gift. Don’t fall victim to the tie and cuff-links routine. Boardroom Salon is here to help  – we’ve rounded up some unique gift ideas all father figures are sure to love. You owe him; give him something he will really enjoy: the ultimate relaxed grooming experience for men. Boardroom Salon's Father's Day Specials: [...]

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Graduation Gift Guide

Boardroom Salon's Graduation Gift Guide Graduation signals the end of an era - and the beginning of a new chapter. Help the grad in your life celebrate with a gift that helps them look great and feel confident, so they are ready to tackle anything that lies on the road ahead. Explore Boardroom's graduation gift guide to find the perfect gift for your graduate.

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