Boardroom Salon for Men: Experience More Than Just Haircuts


Looking good isn’t exclusive to women. Men have every right to groom themselves in whatever way they see fit. That includes top-notch spa services that go above and beyond the traditional “shave and a haircut.” Why should women have all the fun? Men need great services that cater specifically to their needs. Experience More Than Just Haircuts at the Boardroom Salon for Men, we are here to provide the ultimate masculine place to get salon services done in just the right, relaxed setting. It’s more than just haircuts for men. Here are some of the reasons men should look into other spa services as well.

Nail Care the Right Way

One of the best signs of good grooming habits is a pair of freshly pedicured male hands. Caring for your hands and feet will make you look and feel like an accomplished person. People will notice and admire your hands, especially in high-level business situations.

A man’s feet deserve the same treatment, make them more than presentable with foot grooming at the Boardroom.


Massage to Get Rid of Tough Knots and Stress

Those tight knots between your shoulder blades? Let our highly-trained massage therapists knead those spots right into relaxed bliss. You’ll leave this service a brand-new man. Able to take on the world! Climb tall buildings in a single bound! Okay, that’s Superman, but you’ll feel just as great as he does after a Therapeutic Massage that targets the deep tissue with this full-body treatment.


Facials for Better Skin

Your face is your calling card in life. Present the best one possible by taking care of your skin. The Executive Facial will leave your skin clean and revitalized. This can unclog pores, get rid of excess oiliness, and generally make your skin more flawless. Getting a facial done on a regular basis can also improve troubled skin that might have rough texture or acne issues.


Body Waxing Is a Necessity

You’ve seen the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” right? No man can ever forget the scene where Steve Carell gets his chest waxed. As funny as that was, it does make a good point. Excess hair is not attractive, so you can get body waxing in a comfortable environment. Trust us, it won’t be as painful as the movie suggests.

Call us today to schedule any of these man-centric services for a grooming experience that is second-to-none, at any of our Texas Boardroom Salon For Men locations.