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What Hair and Beard Care products are you using? Get the best hair and beard results!

The hair and beard products that you use can mean all the difference between a cool cut and a sad excuse. Here are a few things you can use to get the most out of your look. Must Have Hair and Beard Products: Pomade You've seen the Dapper Dan-style haircuts. Pompadours of all shapes and sizes are all the rage right now, but they need to be maintained. Thankfully, maintaining these looks is easy with [...]

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Take Care of your Beard! We can help with that!

Sure, beards are cool and make you look carefree. But without proper care, your beard can give others the impression that you are dirty or untrustworthy. Take Brad Pitt, for instance: When his hair is groomed, he looks put-together and chiseled. But when he skips the salon, he could be mistaken for a homeless man. Here are a few easy things you can do to keep yourself looking snazzy: Get a trim on the regular [...]

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Is the Fauxhawk still in style? Pair it with a mighty beard, and stop traffic!

Is the Fauxhawk still in style? Fauxhawks have come and gone from the "in" fashion over the years. That's probably because it's such a versatile hairdo. Fauxhawks can be worn spiked up with color, swept to the side, or slicked back with pomade, among other styles, so you can go from edgy to business in a matter of minutes. Here are a few ways you can wear your fauxhawk and not look outdated: Grow that beard. [...]

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Boardroom Salon is the place to get the hottest and latest haircuts, beard trims and shaves!

Do you ever wish you could step into an old-timey barbershop to get haircuts for men, beard trim and personalized attention from a staff that knows how you like to be treated? You can, at Boardroom Salon for Men. The experience might even exceed your expectations; The hottest and latest haircuts for men with, free drinks, spa services, massages and more. If you feel like it, you can even shoot a game of pool or [...]

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Regular Beard Maintenance Is Necessary! Boardroom Salon Can Help — Schedule Weekly!

Nothing is worse than a hairstyle that's past its prime. Split and dry ends start to curl around the ears, beards lose shape and separate, and somehow mullets appear out of nowhere. In short, a distressed 'do can dress you down and make you appear less professional and not well put together. But for the businessman on the go, maintaining your style can be a time commitment you just can't make. After all, who has [...]

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Get the Most out of Your Haircut with SumoStylers

Get the Most out of Your Haircut As you know from our ‘Sumotech Blog Post’ – Sumotech is a Boardroom favorite, a product that both our clients and expert team of stylists and barbers swear by. Bumble and bumble has extended their Sumo line to include a total of five strong-performance stylers. Shape, tame, mold, hold…with these Sumo Stylers, you can do it all. Get the most out of your haircut; Sumo stylers help elevate [...]

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Boardroom Announces Two New Products from Jack Black

Announcing Two New Products from Jack Black Be fresh all over, everywhere you go with Jack Black's new All-Over Body Wipes and All-Over Body Spray. Stop by your Boardroom Salon to sample or purchase these new product favorites that are sure to help you beat the summer heat.   All Over Wipes  Product Description Cleanse, hydrate, and deodorize with plush, alcohol-free wipes, featuring the refreshing All-Over Wash aroma. Formulated for both face and body, the [...]

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Upgrade Your Grooming Cabinet

Upgrade Your Grooming Cabinet It’s likely time your grooming routine and skincare regimen underwent a deep cleaning - start the season with a clear conscience and clean cabinet (plus clear skin and great hair). Good grooming can get expensive, so we don’t blame you for being hesitant at the thought of trashing grooming products found in your cabinet, but there will come a day when parting ways is your only option. Get into a routine [...]

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Founders of Boardroom Salon for Men Launch Brighton Barber Institute

  Brighton Barber Institute (BBI), a premier barber education program in North Texas, opened its doors on July 10 to welcome its inaugural class. The new facility is centrally located in Hurst near DFW International Airport at 133 W. Harwood Road. Created by the founders of Boardroom Salon for Men, BBI will provide continuing education and training for licensed cosmetologists seeking further licensure in the field of barbering. Students will learn from a team of [...]

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Beards and Taper Fades: How to Pair your Beard and Haircut Styles

The beard and taper fade combination is the hottest male hair trend in years. That's probably because nearly every person and hair type look good in the classic 'do. The taper fade and short- to medium-length beard can be rocked in a suit, jeans and a T-shirt or athletic clothes, and styling is a breeze. Pair your beard with your haircut! While the beard and taper fade may be the dream team, not all players [...]

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