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Looking to shed your high-maintenance mane in favor of a more summer-friendly style? Due to heat and humidity, summer hair should be relatively short, easy to style, and resistant to sultry weather conditions. But fortunately, you’re not just limited to classic buzz cuts. This season is full of stylish cuts that will keep you cool all summer. Be bold, try one of the 5 Summer Haircuts for Men.

Try one of These Five Summer Haircuts for Men This Summer

Brush Cut

The classic brush cut is low maintenance and the perfect option for men with straight hair and a slightly receding hairline. This simple style consists of a flattop that has been blow-dried and styled. The back and sides are clipper cut and slightly rounded.

Crew Cut

Another classic cut is the versatile crew. While you need the right head shape (oval or round) to really pull it off, the crew cut is easy to style and can accentuate your best facial features. While there are variations of the crew cut, this timeless look generally features short, buzzed sides with a slightly longer guard on top.

Layered Undercut

For men who prefer a little more depth and fullness, a layered undercut can give your locks instant oomph without adding too much length. With this style, the sides and back are clipped short while the top is left long. Layers are added to give the hair texture and a more voluminous appearance.

Top Knot Undercut

If you’re growing out your hair or simply want to keep up with the trends, a top knot undercut offers a rugged, edgy look. With this style of undercut, the hair on the sides and back are buzzed short while the top is grown long. Once long enough to gather, the hair is pulled back into a bun.


This sophisticated 1950’s throwback is a stylish way to manage your longer locks. The Pompadour style buzzed sides and a long, slicked-back top, the pompadour is the ultimate rockabilly cut. To keep this haircut looking sleek and tidy, you’ll need a strong-hold gel that will create the wet look you’re aiming for.

In the midst of a searing summer, shaggy, long hair just won’t do. Enter the season with a fresh, unfussy cut that will keep you looking sharp.