5 reasons why you need pomade in your life!

2018-01-29T15:08:57+00:00January 29th, 2018|Confidence, Grooming, Haircuts|

One thing is for sure: You need pomade, Men’s trending haircuts are sleek, classic looks that require a little bit of effort. But a couple of tricks can limit your time in front of the mirror every morning while maximizing your hotness.

Let’s be honest, you’ll make your style look effortless. But with the right product, it practically will be! Here are five reasons why your styling essential should be pomade:

  1. It’ll keep you from frizzing up and sporting fly-aways

Frizzy hair and split ends sticking out every which way can make you look like a mess, even if you’re all put together. But the weight of pomade will keep those strands close together without making you feel sticky.

  1. You can pile your hair as high as you want

Pompadours of all sizes are in right now, and they’re known for their big piles of hair. There’s no need to breathe in a bunch of hairspray to achieve the look, though. Just put some pomade in your palms, pile your hair up and slick down the sides with a sturdy comb. Before you know it, you’ll look like James Dean.

  1. You can shape your beard with it

Just a pea-sized amount of pomade will do the trick with a long beard, to bring it all together and give it a little shine between trims! With regular use, you may also find that your hair appears to be softer. And the added scent is a plus!

  1. Wavy hair? Don’t care!

Men with undefined curls know the struggle: Your hair is fluffy after a shower and the perfect amount of greasy just a few hours before you’re too greasy. But styling washed hair with pomade can help smooth and slim your hair out, while defining the strands so you don’t have to spend an hour straightening or use multiple products to get the unwashed style without the grease.