5 men’s haircuts that’ll kick-start your spring!

2018-01-29T14:18:04+00:00January 29th, 2018|Care Products, Confidence, Grooming, Haircuts|

Warm weather isn’t that far around the corner. The days are slowly getting longer, and they will slowly get warmer, too. But why should you wait for a smokin’ hot men’s haircut? You shouldn’t! Here are 5 spring haircuts for men that are sure to scream “spring!”

  1. The short, textured cut

Let’s be honest: Buzz cuts are old news. But you can still buzz your sides while leaving a little textured length up top to add some personality! Whether you incorporate a part or fade into the ‘do is up to you.

  1. The messy medium length cut

While we’re trying to heat things up, we realize that spring is still pretty mild. Consider keeping your scalp a bit more covered until it’s shorts weather, and then shorten them before you get tan lines. Pro tip: This is the best style to periodically run your fingers through and look tough.

  1. The long hair undercut

Long hair; don’t care. We aren’t judging. This cut is nice in the spring because you get a little air but keep your long strands. This particular style also looks great in a floppy hat, with your bangs pulled straight back or peeking out.

  1. The bangs

Many men spent a good chunk of 2017 rocking some type of a pompadour. Now it’s time to let your hair down again, by trying bangs on for size. If you don’t like them, you can easily sweep them back up with some pomade. But there are many types to think about: asymmetrical, uneven, slanted, etc. Do something new!

  1. The slicked-back cut

Winter is popular for growing out beards and hair, so most men get a little unruly. If you don’t feel like making a drastic change right away, you could always just get a trim and then slick back your longer locks with some styling gel. But be sure to clean up your lines — some spring cleaning is in order.

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