Upgrade Your Grooming Cabinet

Upgrade Your Grooming Cabinet It’s likely time your grooming routine and skincare regimen underwent a deep cleaning - start the season with a clear conscience and clean cabinet (plus clear skin and great hair). Good grooming can get expensive, so we don’t blame you for being hesitant at the thought of trashing grooming products found in your cabinet, but there will come a day when parting ways is your only option. Get into a routine [...]

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Founders of Boardroom Salon for Men Launch Brighton Barber Institute

  Brighton Barber Institute (BBI), a premier barber education program in North Texas, opened its doors on July 10 to welcome its inaugural class. The new facility is centrally located in Hurst near DFW International Airport at 133 W. Harwood Road. Created by the founders of Boardroom Salon for Men, BBI will provide continuing education and training for licensed cosmetologists seeking further licensure in the field of barbering. Students will learn from a team of [...]

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Beards and Taper Fades: How to Pair your Beard and Haircut Styles

The beard and taper fade combination is the hottest male hair trend in years. That's probably because nearly every person and hair type look good in the classic 'do. The taper fade and short- to medium-length beard can be rocked in a suit, jeans and a T-shirt or athletic clothes, and styling is a breeze. Pair your beard with your haircut! While the beard and taper fade may be the dream team, not all players [...]

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Boardroom Salon for Men | Additional Grooming Services

By now you're familiar with haircuts, shaves and free drinks at Boardroom Salon for Men. But have you taken advantage of Boardroom's additional grooming services? Our additional services Being a man can be taxing. Whether you do manual labor or work in an office environment, your hands and feet are put through the wringer every day, and you are never expected to take a break from your on-the-go lifestyle. Boardroom employees know just how hard [...]

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How Long Should You Keep Your Grooming Products

How Long You Should Keep Your Grooming Products The hair gel you’ve somehow managed to bounce from medicine cabinet to medicine cabinet since college; the sunscreen with the faded label that you found in an old suitcase after your last vacation; that costly eye cream might seem to last forever, but will it still fight wrinkles if you bought it two years ago? Think twice before using grooming products like these as they are likely [...]

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