5 Summer Haircuts to Try | Boardroom Salon for Men

Looking to shed your high-maintenance mane in favor of a more summer-friendly style? Due to heat and humidity, summer hair should be relatively short, easy to style, and resistant to sultry weather conditions. But fortunately, you’re not just limited to classic buzz cuts. This season is full of stylish cuts that will keep you cool all summer. Be bold, try one of the 5 Summer Haircuts for Men. Try one of These Five Summer Haircuts [...]

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Graduation Gift Guide

Boardroom Salon's Graduation Gift Guide Graduation signals the end of an era - and the beginning of a new chapter. Help the grad in your life celebrate with a gift that helps them look great and feel confident, so they are ready to tackle anything that lies on the road ahead. Explore Boardroom's graduation gift guide to find the perfect gift for your graduate.

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