The 10 Steps to a Perfect Haircut

Getting a great haircut consists of more than just a snip of the scissors. It’s a process that will leave any man feeling primped and pampered. At the Boardroom Salon for Men, The Benchmark is our signature service. In just 10 simple steps, you’ll learn the process of custom-creating perfect haircuts for men. Personal Consultation Men’s haircuts range from stylish fades to classic crew cuts. Communication is key if you want to achieve the perfect [...]

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Boardroom Salon for Men: Experience More Than Just Haircuts

Looking good isn’t exclusive to women. Men have every right to groom themselves in whatever way they see fit. That includes top-notch spa services that go above and beyond the traditional “shave and a haircut.” Why should women have all the fun? Men need great services that cater specifically to their needs. Experience More Than Just Haircuts at the Boardroom Salon for Men, we are here to provide the ultimate masculine place to get salon [...]

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