How to Choose the Right Men’s Haircut

When it comes to haircuts for men, the decision-making process can be as difficult as that experienced by women. Finding the perfect cut has its own set of challenges that go far beyond simply finding the best length. The right cut has to do with the shape of the man's face as well as the texture of the hair itself. The cut should also accommodate the man's lifestyle. Choose the Right Haircut for your Face [...]

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Hair Color Ideas For Men

When it comes to hair color, most people instantly think that it is a women's hair service only. While the hair industry may primarily provide color services to women, this doesn't mean that men can't benefit from hair coloring treatments. With new techniques and trends emerging in the hair and barbering industry, there are plenty of hair color ideas for men to choose from. Here are a few different hair color ideas for men, and [...]

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5 Cool Men’s Haircuts for 2017

Celebrate the start of a new year with a new look. The upcoming year is set to be one of the most diverse in terms of fashion trends. While you’ll still likely see popular options like long fringes and faded cuts, men will have the opportunity to experiment even more with their locks. Head to your local barber or stylist with one of these up-to-the-minute men's haircuts and transform your look. 1. Vintage Slicked Back [...]

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