Q. What makes The Boardroom Salon for Men a good franchise?
A. The Boardroom Salon for Men appeals to the four critical constituents that determine your success as a Franchisee – Clients, Employees, Landlords and Franchisees (you). Our Salons fill the robust demand for a high quality, high end men’s grooming provider that caters exclusively to men and offers high quality products which satisfy the grooming needs of men.

We deliver relevant and valuable assistance to our Franchisees, beginning with the franchisee application and assessment process, continuing through salon design and build-out and extending into training and daily operations

Q. What qualifies me as a potential The Boardroom Salon for Men Franchisee?
A. Having the passion, drive and tenacity to run a successful business, proven business acumen with management experience and sufficient capital and financial stability. Salon experience is not necessary!

Q. How involved should I be in the daily workings of my Salon?
A. Initially, we would like you and your spouse or partner to spend a meaningful amount of time in the Salon ensuring operations are running as prescribed, meeting clients and obtaining a deep understanding of the critical components of the business. Long term success will depend on developing a competent management team to run the daily operations while you effectively work on higher level business drivers such as human resources, marketing, finance and developing additional Salons in your market.

Q. What marketing and advertising support will be provided?
A. We have developed proven marketing materials and processes to assist you in your advertising. We will help you plan and implement your Grand Opening, provide ongoing marketing materials and post your Salon’s information on our website and social media platforms. Keep in mind that “word of mouth” will be a very effective marketing tool for your Salon.

Q. What assistance will be provided in site selection?
A. We will provide our criteria and protocol for evaluating potential locations for your Salon. Additionally, we can put you in touch with a representative from a qualified commercial real estate company in your market who understands our site specifications and will be able to provide relevant information and data for your search, such as area demographics, the status of various shopping centers and space availability.

Q. How much money can I expect to earn?
A. Your potential to earn a profit will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to your location, the amount of time you devote to your franchise, your business and management acumen, market conditions and how well you implement and follow our operating system. You will find some Financial Performance Information in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document, which is available on request.

Q. Does the Boardroom Salon for Men offer financing?
A. We do not offer direct financing, but we would be happy to refer you to various third party lenders.

Q. What do I need to know about the salon industry?
A. You do not need to have expertise in the salon industry. However, management and business acumen combined with a passion to succeed are critical.

Q. Do I have to leave my current job?
A. No, you are not required to leave your current job as long all parties (you, the Franchisee and us, the Franchisor) are confident that there will be a qualified and motivated manager handling the day-to-day operations of your Salon and you can run a successful business while also focusing on your current career.

Q. How much help do I get during start-up?
A. We will help you find your site, design your salon and provide you with the specifications and vendors to have an efficient build out. We will train you, your manager and other key personnel in the areas of marketing, client service, service delivery, POS systems, etc.

Q. How does my staff get trained?
A. Key members of your staff will be trained at our corporate headquarters in Southlake, TX. Additional training will be held in your Salon and led by either your or our management team. However, the training doesn’t stop when you open your Salon. We will continue to provide training to you and your team as it is needed or on request and you will have the benefit of all processes and procedures contained in the Pre-Opening and Operations Manual.

Q. Do you help with design of my The Boardroom Salon for Men?
A. Yes, we have developed a design and décor package that can be customized for your specific site. We work with you to make sure your site is client ready before opening.

Q. Is my The Boardroom Salon for Men “guaranteed” to be profitable?
A. As with any business, there are many factors which will determine whether or not your Salon will be profitable, including your commitment to the business, how well you follow our operating system, your team, your location, your client service and your local market dynamics.

Q. How long can I expect it to take to open my doors?
A. On average, it takes five to nine months to go from signing the Franchise Agreement to opening your Salon. Various factors, such as the time it takes to select a location and negotiate a lease, complete the build-out and acquire appropriate licenses, will impact your actual timeline.

Q. What’s the next step?
A. Complete and submit our Request for Franchise Information.